Train a Nurse at Kush State University!

Sudan Sunrise

Sudanese have been controlled by "divide and rule" and by being deprived of education. In the Nuba Mountains we are not divided. And we know that university education is the key to building a peaceful, just and prosperous future together.
- Khalid Abbas, President, Kush State University.

Last year I had churches in my diocese destroyed by government forces. Kush State University boldly opposes this extremism. KSU stands for freedom of religion, democracy and peace and will be preparing teachers for schools all over Sudan. I pray that what is beginning here will one day have far-reaching impact in Sudan.
- Bishop Andudu Elnail, Episcopal Bishop of the Nuba Mountains

The determination of the people of the Nuba Mountains is evidenced by the 4,000 students who have graduated from secondary school, despite oppression and poverty. Now Nubans have taken a giant step further by founding a fledgling university. Kush State University has begun with 140 students, and aims to enroll 280 students in the fall of 2017. It will serve not just students from the Nuba Mountains, but also students from the Blue Nile and Darfur.

Subjects taught (in English) in community health, agriculture, small business, conflict resolution and teacher training can transform the lives of marginalized Sudanese, who have very limited options to continue their education. KSU is determined to educate women and men, and Muslims and Christians together, to build the bonds of friendship and cooperation.

However, $277 per student for the remainder of 2017 (or $55.40 per student per month) is needed to make this high goal possible. The poverty in the Nuba Mountains makes this sum unreachable for the students, so Nubans are appealing for help.

This campaign will provide essential funding to operate the university, pay the teachers and send several to Uganda for further training, as well as bring Ugandan professors to teach at KSU. In addition, this support will allow KSU's leadership to continue strategic outreach and expand partnerships. Among the goals for the remainder of 2017 are to double the number of KSU's students, improve internet connectivity, and expand course offerings.

Sudan Sunrise ( serves as KSU's fiscal partner in the US. Contributions are tax-deductible, and 100% of contributions will be used to support the mission of KSU.

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